How To Remove Mildew Smell From Clothes And Towels?

If you forgot a wet beach towel in your car for a few days then it probably smells like mildew, right? These things happen. Not only can towels smell bad but your clothes can too. It usually happens when they are left in a dark and humid place for way too long.

Such bad smell indicates that there is mildew growing on the fabric – and this is not a good thing!

If, however, you can’t recall leaving your clothes in a dark humid place nor did you forget your wet beach towel in your car for a week then this means that your washing machine hasn’t been properly cleaned in a long time and it has mildew inside.

But don’t worry, I will help you take care of both problems!

If your washing machine hasn’t been cleaned lately:

It’s time to clean your washing machine! Don’t panic – it’s not hard at all. You don’t need to clear out your schedule for this.

All you need to do is pour bleach where you would normally put the laundry detergent then run a hot full cycle.

This is more than enough to get rid of the mildew as well as clean and disinfect the appliance!

How To Remove Mildew Smell From Your Clothes/ Towels?

Now that you cleaned your washing machine it’s time to deal with those clothes or towels that smell bad.

Again, it’s not hard at all. Pour vinegar or ammonia in the laundry detergent container on your washing machine and wash the clothes/ towels as usual.

Now, the only thing you need to do is stop the cycle once the washing machine has filled with water and let it on pause for an hour so that the clothes can soak. That way the vinegar or ammonia will have time to fight the mildew and remove it.