Homemade Recipe For Dishwasher Tablets You Should Try!

Did you know that you could make your own dishwasher tablets and stop buying them from the store? Not only will you save some money but you will also use natural ingredients which aren’t harsh!

Avoiding chemicals is something I have been doing over the past couple of years. It started off with just following simple cleaners recipe and making my own all-purpose cleaner and look at me now – I am making everything on my ownfrom the all-purpose cleaner to even the dishwasher tablets!

If you want to learn more and figure out how to make your own then I am more than happy to teach you!

How To Make Dishwasher Tablets?

I have tried a lot of different recipes for dishwasher tablets but I want to tell you more about the one I like the most! It’s effective and doesn’t require a lot of ingredients.

Now, you need washing soda which is perfect for cleaning ( 1 cup).

Then you also need baking soda which deals with greasy stains (1 cup).

The next thing I use is really weird – lemonade drink mix (the unsweetened kind) (3 packages). Believe it or not, it has antibacterial properties plus it adds a great scent to the tablets! Of course, you can also use essential oil, however, I have found that powder works best which is why I use the lemonade drink mix.

The next ingredient you need is salt (1 cup). It reduces the build-up of hard water.

And last but not least – you need a cup of water!

Prepare all the ingredients and mix them in a bowl. When you add the water the mixture will fizz – just wait a few minutes until it stops.

Add the mixture in ice cube trays and let it dry completely for a few hours. Then your dishwasher tablets are finished and you can start using them!