4 Things You Need To Clean More Often!

Everyone is doing their best at maintaining their home clean – after all, our lives are filled with responsibilities and we barely have the free time to actually spend cleaning.

Unfortunately, research shows that there are a few things that people tend to neglect when cleaning (or don’t clean often enough).


Most people place a towel in their bathroom and in their kitchen, however, research shows that they don’t wash them as often as necessary.

Towels absorb a lot of impurities and germs which makes them dangerous when dirty. If, for example, you wash your hands then dry them in your dirty towel then start to prepare your dinner… your hands won’t be clean, they will in fact be covered in bacteria which later you will spread in your meal.

This is why you need to make it a habit to replace and wash bathroom and kitchen towels once every 4-5 days!

Cleaning Tools

You need to clean all of your cleaning tools after using them. This includes all cloths, mops, brooms, etc. In order to avoid spreading dirt and impurities and actually clean your home – your tools need to be spotless.

This is why it’s recommended to clean all supplies after each use!

Remote Controls

Another object in your home which you barely clean yet traps so much dirt, dust, germs, and impurities.

I usually use a disinfecting wipe and clean my remote controls at least once a day – so I am sure that it’s spotless.

Your Steering Wheel

Can you guess what is one of the dirtiest surfaces you touch on a daily basis? That is right – your steering wheel.

This is why it’s important to have a disinfectant which you should use before turning your car on.