Month: October 2020

The only trick you need for cleaning shower walls

Cleaning the bathroom is a nightmare especially when it comes to scrubbing the shower walls. I used to hate doing it because it meant that by the time I am finished I would be exhausted, wasted a few hours, and my back would be killing me from all the bending.

But lately, I have been using this amazing trick that I came across and I must say – it completely changed the way I view cleaning the bathroom.

So what is this trick?

It’s quite simple actually. It doesn’t require any special cleaning solution or fancy commercial cleaners – all you need is a sponge mop!

I usually just fill a bucket with hot water and I add some dish soap to it. Stir it very well and you would have this foamy mixture which I have found is all you need when cleaning shower walls.

Then dip the sponge mop in the soapy mixture and start scrubbing the walls – it’s that easy!

If your shower walls are way too dirty and you are worried that the soapy mixture won’t be enough to clean the dirt then you can also mix equal parts of white vinegar and liquid soap. Spray that all over the walls and let it sit for a few minutes. Then dampen the sponge mop with water and start scrubbing.

Once you are done with scrubbing and you have successfully removed the dirt, soap scum, grime, and build-up you can either use the showerhead to rinse everything off or you can clean the mop, dampen it with water and rinse the walls that way.