Month: January 2020

How to wash pillows: The only guide you need

There are so many different pillows made out of a variety of different fabrics and materials and each one needs to be cleaned a different way otherwise they might be ruined and damaged. And no one wants to damage their favorite pillow and have to buy a new one.

I am here to help you wash your pillows the correct way – all you need to do is figure out what they are made out of.

Feather/ down

Throwing feather and down pillows in the washing machine is the easiest way to clean them – just make sure it’s on a low temperature and higher spin speed. A detergent that is for silk is will work best.

Latex/ foam

Do not waste your time cleaning foam or latex pillows. It’s difficult, and you will most likely damage them. Do not throw them in the washing machine – they will be destroyed.

A great thing you can do us buy a pillow protector and put it on the pillow, and simply clean that instead.


Synthetic pillows are very easy to clean and wash – put them in the washing machine and you are good to go.


Silk pillows should be hand washed because the washing machine will be damaging to them. If you have a bath – fill it with warm water and detergent, and hand wash your pillow.
Natural silk and wool-filled pillows are the best hand washed. Then squeeze the water and let the pillow air dry. It will take a few days but it’s worth it.

The best hack for cleaning a pillow?

Do you want to know the best and easiest method to clean a pillow? If the weather is sunny then you are already halfway done with cleaning – put your pillow in the sunlight and leave it there for a couple of hours. How will this work? The ultraviolet rays from the sun are doing an amazing job at refreshing and killing all of the bacteria.