4 Easy DIY Cleaners Recipes You Can Make!

If you want to stop spending so much money on commercial cleaners and you want to learn how to use natural ingredients to make your own cleaners then this article is perfect for you. All of these recipes are super easy and cheap making them beginner-friendly!

4 Easy DIY Cleaners Recipes You Can Make!

– An All-Purpose Cleaner

The first DIY cleaner I ever made was this one. It’s literally so easy yet effective! You need to mix distilled water with a few drops of liquid dish soap. If you want, you can add a few drops of your favourite essential oil!

– Carpet Freshener

If you want to deodorize and freshen up your carpet then follow these steps:

  • Mix a cup of baking soda with 10 drops of lavender essential oil (or tea tree). I recommend these two oils because they have antibacterial properties!
  • Sprinkle the powder all over your carpet then let it sit for a couple of hours. I recommend letting it overnight.
  • Then simply vacuum up the baking soda!

You can use this carpet deodorizer on your upholstery as well!

– DIY Granite/ Marble Cleaner

If you have granite or marble countertops then you can’t use the all-purpose cleaner we previously made because it contains vinegar (and vinegar will damage the surface).

Instead, you will need to mix 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol, a few drops of liquid dish soap, and distilled water in a spray bottle. Use this mixture to clean your granite or marble countertops!

– A Stainless Steel Cleaner

If you have stainless steel appliances or sinks then simply mix distilled water with a few drops of liquid dish soap. It’s the perfect cleaner to bring back the shine of your appliances!

3 Ways To Clean Your Washer and Dryer (Without Scrubbing)

Cleaning your washing machine is extremely important and it will prevent mold and mildew from growing as well as germs from breeding – and after all, you want to maintain your appliance in the best condition, right?

If you have never cleaned your washing machine then I have news for you – it’s so simple. You don’t need to scrub or wipe for hours, you can let your appliance do all the work for you, the only thing you need are the proper ingredients. And today, I will show you that you can clean and disinfect your washing machine with natural ingredients!

3 Ways To Clean Your Washer And Dryer (Without Scrubbing)

Before we get started, I wanted to tell you something extremely important – always leave the door of your washing machine open after you used it. This is the easiest way to prevent mold and mildew from forming!

– Run A Hot Cycle With Bleach

One of the most effective ways to both clean and disinfect your washing machine is by running the hottest cycle possible with bleach. The appliance needs to be empty and you need to add a cup of bleach where you normally place the laundry detergent.

I recommend doing this if you have never cleaned your appliance or you haven’t done it in a long time.

– You Can Also Use Vinegar

If you don’t feel like using bleach then you can use an alternative – vinegar. It’s still effective and will get the job done.

– Clean The Dryer’s Vent

It’s important to clean the dryer’s vent because a lot of lint and dust get trapped there. Do this by detaching the vent then shaking the tube so all impurities fall out.

How To Clean Your Stainless Steel Sink According To Experts?

Cleaning your stainless steel sink can be tricky especially when you don’t exactly know how to do it. I know that you want the sink to look spotless and you want to get rid of those smudges, fingerprints, and hard water stains.

Thankfully, the cleaners over at https://cleaners.ltd.uk shared an amazing cleaning hack that will leave your stainless steel sparkling without having to scrub or waste too much time on it – and who doesn’t want that?

Prepare The Following Ingredients:

Before I share the cleaning method you need to apply in order to easily achieve a spotless stainless steel sink, I wanted to share all the ingredients you will need.

Prepare a sponge, some baking soda, vinegar, olive oil, and a few paper towels. Yes, this is everything you need! It’s amazing that you wouldn’t have to use any fancy commercial cleaners and a few natural ingredients are enough to bring back the sparkle in your sink.

Another thing I want you to keep in mind is that you can apply this cleaning method to any stainless steel appliance you might have in your home – from your fridge and microwave to your oven and dishwasher!

Here Is How To Clean Your Stainless Steel Sink

Start off by rinsing the sink with water. Next, sprinkle the sink with baking soda and grab the sponge you prepared. Gently scrub for a few minutes using a circular motion. The powder will get rid of any impurities or stubborn stains without scratching the stainless steel which is very important!

Continue with pouring vinegar on top of the baking soda. Both ingredients will react which is exactly what we are looking for. This fizzing will remove all the water stains and impurities. Wait for a few minutes then grab the sponge again and gently rub the surface. Then simply rinse the sink with water.

The last thing you need to do to restore the shine of your stainless steel sink is to apply olive oil on a paper towel and buff that in the surface. But before you do that, make sure you dry the sink completely!

4 Things You Need To Clean More Often!

Everyone is doing their best at maintaining their home clean – after all, our lives are filled with responsibilities and we barely have the free time to actually spend cleaning.

Unfortunately, research shows that there are a few things that people tend to neglect when cleaning (or don’t clean often enough).


Most people place a towel in their bathroom and in their kitchen, however, research shows that they don’t wash them as often as necessary.

Towels absorb a lot of impurities and germs which makes them dangerous when dirty. If, for example, you wash your hands then dry them in your dirty towel then start to prepare your dinner… your hands won’t be clean, they will in fact be covered in bacteria which later you will spread in your meal.

This is why you need to make it a habit to replace and wash bathroom and kitchen towels once every 4-5 days!

Cleaning Tools

You need to clean all of your cleaning tools after using them. This includes all cloths, mops, brooms, etc. In order to avoid spreading dirt and impurities and actually clean your home – your tools need to be spotless.

This is why it’s recommended to clean all supplies after each use!

Remote Controls

Another object in your home which you barely clean yet traps so much dirt, dust, germs, and impurities.

I usually use a disinfecting wipe and clean my remote controls at least once a day – so I am sure that it’s spotless.

Your Steering Wheel

Can you guess what is one of the dirtiest surfaces you touch on a daily basis? That is right – your steering wheel.

This is why it’s important to have a disinfectant which you should use before turning your car on.

How To Remove Mildew Smell From Clothes And Towels?

If you forgot a wet beach towel in your car for a few days then it probably smells like mildew, right? These things happen. Not only can towels smell bad but your clothes can too. It usually happens when they are left in a dark and humid place for way too long.

Such bad smell indicates that there is mildew growing on the fabric – and this is not a good thing!

If, however, you can’t recall leaving your clothes in a dark humid place nor did you forget your wet beach towel in your car for a week then this means that your washing machine hasn’t been properly cleaned in a long time and it has mildew inside.

But don’t worry, I will help you take care of both problems!

If your washing machine hasn’t been cleaned lately:

It’s time to clean your washing machine! Don’t panic – it’s not hard at all. You don’t need to clear out your schedule for this.

All you need to do is pour bleach where you would normally put the laundry detergent then run a hot full cycle.

This is more than enough to get rid of the mildew as well as clean and disinfect the appliance!

How To Remove Mildew Smell From Your Clothes/ Towels?

Now that you cleaned your washing machine it’s time to deal with those clothes or towels that smell bad.

Again, it’s not hard at all. Pour vinegar or ammonia in the laundry detergent container on your washing machine and wash the clothes/ towels as usual.

Now, the only thing you need to do is stop the cycle once the washing machine has filled with water and let it on pause for an hour so that the clothes can soak. That way the vinegar or ammonia will have time to fight the mildew and remove it.

Homemade Recipe For Dishwasher Tablets You Should Try!

Did you know that you could make your own dishwasher tablets and stop buying them from the store? Not only will you save some money but you will also use natural ingredients which aren’t harsh!

Avoiding chemicals is something I have been doing over the past couple of years. It started off with just following simple cleaners recipe and making my own all-purpose cleaner and look at me now – I am making everything on my ownfrom the all-purpose cleaner to even the dishwasher tablets!

If you want to learn more and figure out how to make your own then I am more than happy to teach you!

How To Make Dishwasher Tablets?

I have tried a lot of different recipes for dishwasher tablets but I want to tell you more about the one I like the most! It’s effective and doesn’t require a lot of ingredients.

Now, you need washing soda which is perfect for cleaning ( 1 cup).

Then you also need baking soda which deals with greasy stains (1 cup).

The next thing I use is really weird – lemonade drink mix (the unsweetened kind) (3 packages). Believe it or not, it has antibacterial properties plus it adds a great scent to the tablets! Of course, you can also use essential oil, however, I have found that powder works best which is why I use the lemonade drink mix.

The next ingredient you need is salt (1 cup). It reduces the build-up of hard water.

And last but not least – you need a cup of water!

Prepare all the ingredients and mix them in a bowl. When you add the water the mixture will fizz – just wait a few minutes until it stops.

Add the mixture in ice cube trays and let it dry completely for a few hours. Then your dishwasher tablets are finished and you can start using them!

An Amazing Recipe For a DIY Oven Cleaner: Why You Need To Use It?

Which kitchen appliance do you use the most? That is right – your oven! But how often to you take care of it? How often do you clean it? Well, I am almost certain that you tend to neglect it – it’s what I used to do a long time ago before I understood how important deep cleaning it actually is!

The benefits of a clean oven

– Your health

I will start with the number one reason why I deep clean my oven often – my health. Did you know that this appliance is a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria? Unfortunately, these germs can easily transfer to your food – and when you consume them you can suffer from food poisoning and a lot of other health-related issues.

By deep cleaning your oven you eliminate those germs so you don’t have to worry!

– Better performance

When an oven hasn’t been cleaned in a long time the inside is covered in grease, burnt food, crumbs, and all sorts of other build-ups which do not allow your oven to work properly.

This build-up is getting in the way of the appliance reaching the temperature it is set it on which means it will use twice as much energy to do so.

By deep cleaning it, you remove all those crumbs, burnt food, and build-up and you allow your oven to work properly.

– Longer lifespan

As I mentioned, a dirty oven is covered in all sorts of build-up which interfere with its performance. Over time, the performance won’t be the only problem and the oven will break.

If you want your kitchen appliance to have a long lifespan then you will make sure it is deep cleaned!

The DIY recipe for an oven cleaner

Now, the first thing you need to do is remove the oven racks and clean them separately with hot soapy water and a sponge.

Then, mix salt, baking soda, and dish soap. Spread the mixture on the inside of the oven and let it sit for a few hours so that it can break down all the build-up.

Continue with removing the mixture using a damp sponge.

Once you have removed the mixture completely you can spray the inside of the oven with vinegar (I recommend you mix equal parts of water and vinegar).

And just like that your oven is deep cleaned and ready to be used!

The only trick you need for cleaning shower walls

Cleaning the bathroom is a nightmare especially when it comes to scrubbing the shower walls. I used to hate doing it because it meant that by the time I am finished I would be exhausted, wasted a few hours, and my back would be killing me from all the bending.

But lately, I have been using this amazing trick that I came across and I must say – it completely changed the way I view cleaning the bathroom.

So what is this trick?

It’s quite simple actually. It doesn’t require any special cleaning solution or fancy commercial cleaners – all you need is a sponge mop!

I usually just fill a bucket with hot water and I add some dish soap to it. Stir it very well and you would have this foamy mixture which I have found is all you need when cleaning shower walls.

Then dip the sponge mop in the soapy mixture and start scrubbing the walls – it’s that easy!

If your shower walls are way too dirty and you are worried that the soapy mixture won’t be enough to clean the dirt then you can also mix equal parts of white vinegar and liquid soap. Spray that all over the walls and let it sit for a few minutes. Then dampen the sponge mop with water and start scrubbing.

Once you are done with scrubbing and you have successfully removed the dirt, soap scum, grime, and build-up you can either use the showerhead to rinse everything off or you can clean the mop, dampen it with water and rinse the walls that way.

How to wash pillows: The only guide you need

There are so many different pillows made out of a variety of different fabrics and materials and each one needs to be cleaned a different way otherwise they might be ruined and damaged. And no one wants to damage their favorite pillow and have to buy a new one.

I am here to help you wash your pillows the correct way – all you need to do is figure out what they are made out of.

Feather/ down

Throwing feather and down pillows in the washing machine is the easiest way to clean them – just make sure it’s on a low temperature and higher spin speed. A detergent that is for silk is will work best.

Latex/ foam

Do not waste your time cleaning foam or latex pillows. It’s difficult, and you will most likely damage them. Do not throw them in the washing machine – they will be destroyed.

A great thing you can do us buy a pillow protector and put it on the pillow, and simply clean that instead.


Synthetic pillows are very easy to clean and wash – put them in the washing machine and you are good to go.


Silk pillows should be hand washed because the washing machine will be damaging to them. If you have a bath – fill it with warm water and detergent, and hand wash your pillow.
Natural silk and wool-filled pillows are the best hand washed. Then squeeze the water and let the pillow air dry. It will take a few days but it’s worth it.

The best hack for cleaning a pillow?

Do you want to know the best and easiest method to clean a pillow? If the weather is sunny then you are already halfway done with cleaning – put your pillow in the sunlight and leave it there for a couple of hours. How will this work? The ultraviolet rays from the sun are doing an amazing job at refreshing and killing all of the bacteria.

Having a clean office will improve the performance of workers

Maintaining an office clean and organized has multiple benefits – both for the customers and for the people working there.

– A clean office leaves a good impression on everyone

Whenever a customer walks inside an office they make their first impression based off of what they see. Is it clean? Is it organized? Is it sanitized? Does it smell good? All of the above are things that people notice.

– Your employees will be grateful

Who would want to work in an untidy, dirty, messy environment? Dust, dirt, bacteria – all of these things will repel your employees and they wouldn’t want to work there anymore. You need to make sure, as a boss, that you provide your workers with a clean and organized workspace.

– The performance of your employees will be better

I am not making this up – it is scientifically proven that people are far more productive, motivated, creative, and overall their performance betters whenever they are in a welcoming, clean environment that is organized and smells fresh. Improve their focus by gifting them with the possibility to work in a clean environment.

– Everyone in the office will feel a lot better

Another thing that is scientifically proven is that your brain does not want you to go to a place that you do not like – and if the office that you work in is dirty and messy you most likely would not feel good there so you wouldn’t want to go there. This means that the focus of your employees and their productivity will be very low and they might end up leaving.

– A dirty office is a huge health risk

A place that holds a lot of people holds a lot of bacteria as well. Don’t wonder why your employees are always getting sick – especially, if the office is unsanitized and not being cleaned on a regular basis.

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