How To Easily Clean Limestone Tiles?

I am one of those people that actually enjoy cleaning. I know that we are a very rare breed and most people definitely hate cleaning but I find it relaxing and I love doing it. This means that I am also very good at it and I have figured out how to properly treat different surfaces – and because I want to share my knowledge, I will teach you how to clean your limestone tiles with just a few natural ingredients!

How To Easily Clean Limestone Tiles?

You are going to need a vacuum cleaner, a mop, and dish soap – I recommend purchasing one that is designed for limestone. You also need a bucket and towels. If there are stains on the tiles then also grab white flour and hydrogen peroxide. I know that it sounds like a weird combination but trust me – the results are excellent.

Start with vacuuming the limestone so you can remove dirt, debris, sand, and other impurities. This will prepare the surface for the cleaning.

Next, fill a bucket with warm water and add a few drops of the soap. Mix well, dip your mop in there and start wiping the floor. Of course, once you are done you have to rinse the area. I like to do this with the same mop – I just rinse it so I remove the soap off of it then I dip it in water and wipe the flooring.

Now it’s time to remove any stains. Get the flour and mix 3/4 cup of it in a bowl and also add a bit of hydrogen peroxide in there. Mix until you have created a paste then apply it over the stained areas and let it dry completely. Believe it or not, the drying process will take some time – in some cases, it may even take a whole day but be patient.

When the paste has dried, remove it with a scraper or a butter knife. And then just rinse the area!

And now that your limestone is spotless, I recommend you reapply sealant if you haven’t done that in a long time. This will protect your floors and guarantee that it looks beautiful for a long time. Choose any limestone sealant and follow the instructions on the bottle.