How to Clean Chewing Gum off Your Shoes if living in London

Have you ever thrown away a perfectly good pair of shoes because you stepped on someone’s old chewing gum and couldn’t get it off the sole of your shoe? Most people have had this experience at one time or another. When it happens, it always seems to be to either a brand new pair of very expensive shoes, or your favorite footwear that you can’t replace no matter how hard you look.

Fortunately, getting gum stuck on your shoe doesn’t have to mean the end for the unfortunate footwear. Try one of these how to remove gum from your shoes tips the next time you find yourself in a sticky situation, and you’ll probably be able to save the shoes. Of course, you may just want to buy a new pair anyway!


Raid the Garage
If your house is like mine, and I live in London then you probably have a can or two of WD-40 lurking in your garage. This miracle product is good for so many different purposes, so it’s not surprising that it can even help you clean chewing gum from your shoes. Simply spray the affected area of the shoe (the part with gum stuck to it) with WD-40 and allow it to sit for approximately one minute. Using a clean soft cloth or a paper towel, wipe away the gum and the WD-40 residue. In most cases, the gum will immediately pull free from the shoe. You can then use a second clean rag to make sure that you aren’t leaving oily residue behind on your shoe.

Try the Freezer Technique
It sounds kid of strange, but it’s much easier to remove frozen gum from a shoe than it is to get rid of hot or room temperature gum that is stuck to the sole. Take off the offending shoe, and put it in a plastic bag. Stick the plastic bag to the piece of gum. Put the bag in your freezer and leave it for about three hours, which should be sufficient time to allow the gum to freeze. After the time is up, remove the bag from the freezer compartment and pull the bag away from the shoe. If this tip was successful, the gum will stick to the bag, and your shoe will no longer have a sticky clump stuck to the bottom.

Save the Shoes?
These easy tips can help you save your shoes from becoming trash when you accidentally step on someone’s cast away chewing gum. Hopefully you won’t need to put these tips to the test, but if you do find yourself wondering how to get rid of the gum that’s stuck to your shoe, you’ll be sure to be happy that you found these simple tips for removing gum from your footwear.

Additional clever and not so clever tricks can be found from the websites of the cleaning services London is full of.