How can you treat sunburn?

It seems like everyone can’t stop talking about the importance of sunscreen. Whoever you ask about sunburn – the first thing they will start talking about is sunscreen and how you should never leave the house without putting some on.

I am no different – I can sit here for hours telling you about the benefits of sunscreen and how it is the only thing that can protect your skin from UVB rays. One thing that you should keep in mind is that sunburn isn’t temporary – the damages it causes are long-lasting to the skin. It can even cause a risk of developing skin cancer and wrinkles.

Sunburn is so common that you even stop taking it as a threat – but you should because its impact on your skin is huge.

But enough of me talking about sunburns – here’s how you can actually treat them.

  • Hydrate yourself and your skin

The inflammation the UV light causes your skin is similar to burning yourself from your oven. You need to hydrate the skin which will help it repair itself. Grab yourself moisturizer that has aloe in it (the best way to calm your skin).

You should also drink a lot of water.

  • Protect blisters if there are any

Blisters are equal to a second-degree burn. Make sure they do not pop meaning do not touch them or try to peel them.

  • Apply a vitamin C serum

The damage of sunburn will stay there even when the burn heals. What does that mean? The UV light helps the production of free radicals. They damage the DNA of the cells as well as harming the elastin. You can minimize the harm by using a vitamin C serum.

  • Protect from further sun exposure

While the sunburn is healing make sure you don’t expose it to the sun without wearing sunscreen. If possible, avoid exposing it in the sun altogether and stay in shady places.