Month: April 2022

How to Clean Dog Poop And Disinfect The Area Afterwards?

If you have a puppy then you are going to deal with it pooping all over your living space before you successfully teach it where it should and shouldn’t do it. But don’t get mad because your pet still isn’t properly trained. Instead, come to terms with the situation and just get to cleaning!

Keep in mind that simply picking up the poop and removing it isn’t enough and you have to take certain steps afterward to make sure the area is clean and disinfected properly!

How to Clean Dog Poop And Disinfect The Area Afterwards?

Of course, the first thing you need to do is get rid of the poop – it doesn’t matter how you do it. Some people use paper towels while others wrap their hands around a plastic bag. I will leave this part for you to decide how you feel most comfortable removing the poop.

And now let’s start with cleaning up the residue:

– From a carpet:

The worst place your dog can poop is indeed a carpet because it’s harder to clean. I like using rubbing alcohol to disinfect the area by simply spraying it with the rubbing alcohol and letting it sit for a few minutes.

– From your clothes:

Soak the clothing item in warm soapy water for a few minutes then take a cloth and start scrubbing the affected area with it. And then just throw the clothes in the washing machine and let the appliance do the rest.

– From tiles or hard wooden floors:

I recommend you wipe the area with disinfecting wipes after you remove the poop. You can also use antibacterial soap by mixing it with water then soaking a cloth in there and wiping the affected area with it. But I do prefer the first option because it’s easier plus I always have disinfecting wipes in my house.